Dental implants have been used for over 30 years to reliably replace missing teeth. They may be used if one, several or all of the teeth are absent and can avoid the need for conventional removable dentures or bridgework.

A dental implant is a small screw that acts as an artificial tooth root when placed in the jawbone. It is made of titanium, a metal well-accepted by the body and one that can form a strong bond with the bone to create a stable foundation. An abutment is then fitted to the top of the implant to create an anchor for the placement of a crown, bridge, or precision attachment denture.

dental-implantsDental implants have many advantages

  • Implants can look, feel and function like your natural teeth.
  • Healthy teeth do not need to be prepared to support dental implants.
  • Like natural teeth, dental implants stimulate bone tissue and gums, helping to maintain facial structures.
  • Dental implants can eliminate the discomfort and insecurity of loose, ill-fitting dentures.

We accept referrals from over 75 practices and 150 individual dentists for dental implants. Implant treatment begins with an initial consultation with Mark Edmondson or Jonathan Kennair. in conjunction with one of our restorative dentists – either Dr Steven Schofield or Dr Ralph Pickup.

Our practice uses the AstraTech implant system. Since 2001, Mark Edmondson has placed over 4000 dental implants. He is keen to monitor how our implant restorations perform in the long term and has built up an impressive database which records detailed information about each implant placed.

This means that we can provide our patients with our own evidence based information about how our implant treatment performs long-term.

Implants can often be placed even if the teeth have been missing for years. However, the bone that supports a natural tooth gradually disappears following its loss. This can make placing the implant technically more difficult, compromise the final appearance or more likely to require the use of a bone graft.

For this reason, if you have recently lost a tooth and are considering implant treatment, let us know as soon as possible. If an implant is planned to replace a tooth which is still present, we advise that the extraction is done by our oral surgeon. This is so that the tooth may be removed in such a way to preserve as much of the bone as possible and to allow inspection of the tooth socket. The implant can then be placed as a planned procedure at the optimal time.

Dental implants are especially useful in helping to stabilise loose dentures. Again, bone loss following loss of the natural teeth can complicate treatment and implant treatment is generally more successful if fixtures are placed early on.

Implant treatment begins with an initial consultation with Mark Edmondson. The fee for this is £125. This takes around an hour and includes x-rays of the teeth and jaws. Additional consultations are without charge. It may be necessary to produce temporary restorations, make a diagnostic wax-up or carry out further investigations. You will be advised of additional fees before this is arranged.

A cone beam CT scanner is available at the practice so that all x-ray investigations may be done in house. We also accept referrals for this facility. You will be given a written plan and estimate before treatment is arranged. Implant placement involves a minor surgical procedure, carried out under local anaesthesia, often with sedation. A temporary restoration is provided at the same time if needed. Integration of the implant to the bone takes around 8 weeks. Once integrated, there may be several stages and visits involved in producing the final restoration.

Dr Mark Edmondson

Dr Edmondson is a registered specialist in oral surgery. He qualified in Manchester in 1991 and undertook surgical training at hospitals in East Lancashire. He has provided dental implant treatment on referral in Clitheroe since 2001. Mark also acce

Dr Jonathan Kennair

Jonathan graduated from Newcastle in 2006. He has worked in general practice, Salford Royal Hospital, the Royal Blackburn Hospital and taught at the University of Manchester. He provides oral surgery and dental implant treatment at the practice on referra