Sedation Therapy

Fear of the dentist is extremely common, often based on previous difficult experiences and leads to around 30% of people avoiding treatment.

Fortunately modern local anaesthetics mean that dental treatment may be carried out painlessly and in comfort. We acknowledge that many patients remain anxious about treatment and will always take the time to discuss any concerns you may have.

Sedation is an excellent way of dealing with dental anxiety and phobia. It is also a very useful technique to help when treatment may be difficult or require a lengthy appointment such as implant placement or wisdom tooth removal. At our practice, sedation is provided by Ralph Pickup, Mark Edmondson, Jonathan Kennair.

If you have been referred for treatment under sedation or are interested in knowing more, some information about the procedure is provided below.


Before your treatment

An assessment appointment is normally arranged before any treatment is carried out. This allows us to discuss any anxieties you may have and assess your suitability for sedation. A thorough medical evaluation is carried out and you will be provided with a written treatment plan and estimate of costs.

Dental treatment under sedation

We use a drug called midazolam. This is given by gradual injection into the back of the hand until you are sufficiently relaxed to allow treatment. You will feel very relaxed and largely unaware of the dental procedure.

Your gums and teeth are numbed once you are sedated so that treatment is painless. Although you  remain conscious and able to talk and respond during sedation, most patients remember very little  about their treatment.

After treatment

You will need to remain at the practice for at least an hour after being given sedation. A suitable escort must attend with you and accompany you home by car or taxi. You must be looked after for 24 hours by a responsible adult.

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